The Future of Crossed at Your Local Comic Shop

Crossed+100-1-regular - CopyThe internet was abuzz with interest when the announcement of legendary comics writer Alan Moore putting his stamp on the Crossed universe with Crossed + 100. ?This stark future series that fast forwards the world of Crossed 100 years to show us what has become of the human race is undoubtedly going to be a masterful horror tale that will expand your ideas of what the Crossed are. ?Alan Moore has taken the Crossed plague to its inevitable end and has developed a wholly original take on the horrors of this universe. ?If you are a fan of Crossed, you won’t want to miss this pivotal?series.

Crossed+100-1-NewWorldBaggedLocal comic shops are finalizing their orders for this important new series this week and will be deciding how many copies will be available for readers to obtain. ?If you are interested in seeing what the man who redefined the comics medium has in store for Garth Ennis’ unique survival horror series, please make sure you ask your local comics shop to reserve a copy Crossed + 100?for you today.

December is only a handful of weeks away and Alan Moore’s Crossed +100 will be here in time to haunt your holidays.

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