Countdown to Crossed +100

Crossed+100-1-regular - CopyNext week the highly anticipated new Alan Moore series, Crossed +100 #1 will be on sale in comic shops and digitally. ?The series marks the return of the scribe that changed the very nature of comic storytelling in a new Crossed+100-1-CrossedCulturemonthly comic. ?The fate?of the Crossed will be revealed as the survivors of the future attempt to patch together the threads of the past and determine the true nature of the Crossed.

Alan Moore has created a stand alone world that takes the inevitable to its logical conclusion. ?No prior knowledge of Crossed continuity is required to enjoy and enter this new frightful landscape of horrors. ? If you are a fan of Crossed+100-1-AmHistoryCrossed or someone who has always wanted to find out what the most terrifying story being told is about, this is a fantastic entry point for you to experience Garth Ennis’ horror masterpiece.

Check with your local comics retailer to reserve a copy of Crossed +100 #1 today.


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