Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 11/26/14

New Avatar Press comic books to local comic shops on Wednesday 11/26/14:

Crossed +100 Taste Test

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? ?Before the epic begins, we offer a sampler platter, if you will, Crossed +100 Taste Test Crossed FlavorCrossed +100 Taste Test Human Flavorshowing the savory goods on offer. Get a first look at the pencil art of Gabriel Andrade, design sketches, and notes from Alan Moore. This special edition is limited to just 3000 copies and will be in stores the week before #1. Also available in Crossed Flavor, equally limited to a scant 3000 copies.


Crossed Special ?2014 Pool Party 4 Cover Set

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This special collection of 4 covers is limited to only 500 sets.

Crossed Special Pool Party









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