Avatar Holiday Reading

If you are like most folks, this time of year is filled with rushing about and trying to get gifts for the important people in your life. A lot of comic book shops are running events this weekend where you can get sale priced comics and trade paperbacks for the comic collector in your life.  Or…even add a little of your own holiday joy to your personal list of reading material with a new title for your collection.

Consider these Avatar trades for possible gifts to give the comic reader in your life:

FashionBeastTPBFashion Beast – Alan Moore and Malcolm McLaren created this dystopian version of Beauty and the Beast in the eighties right after Watchmen changed comics forever.  It is a beautifully illustrated fairy tale from one of the most visionary minds in the medium that is painstakingly brought to life by Antony Johnston.

RoverRedCharlie-Vol-1-TPBRover Red Charlie – Garth Ennis is known for a lot of hardcore tales from Crossed to Preacher.  This story of three canine best friends at the end of the world is a really wonderful tale of hope that delivers on Ennis’ incredible talent for developing unique dialogue and characters.  It is a moving story that can be given to just about any reader in the appropriate age range.

ExtinctionParade-vol-1-tpbExtinction Parade– Max Brooks is a creator that is pretty much loved by everyone.  His legions of fans have made World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide mega-hits world wide.  And this unique graphic novel allows the New York Times bestselling scribe the forum to deliver a powerful story about evolution with the forces of the undead.

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