Caliban Collected

Caliban-vol1Garth Ennis’ incredible sci-fi horror series Caliban is being collected into a deluxe trade paperback due out in stores this coming February.  Retailers are tabulating their orders now to make sure the local comic shops are stocked with 2014’s best new series come the New Year.  Ask your favorite retailer to reserve a copy for you today.

Caliban is a claustrophobic lesson in terror as the crew of this lonely mining vessel discover that the empty vastness of space has something horrible waiting for them.  Soon the unwary astronauts face the unthinkable in a creeping story that delivers fresh chills.  Revolutionary comic writer Garth Ennis takes you to a very dark place with the type of high tension storytelling that will leave a lasting mark on you.  Look for the Caliban Tp in the December issue of Previews in comic shops now.



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