Crossed: Badlands #70

Crossed70-RegularThe big finale to David Lapham’s revenge arc of Crossed: Badlands comes to a powerful conclusion with issue #70.  We’ve seen Gavin Land’s life go from a normal family life to a psychologically shattered existence over the course of this story and the resulting metamorphosis turned him into a focused killing machine.  But the time has come for retribution and the man that took everything from him is Crossed70-Torturefinally going to pay.  Despite Wentz turning to God and trying to save thousands of people from the Crossed, he’s still the same scumbag pornographer that ruined Land’s life.  And that means justice must be dolled out one painful punch at a time.

David Lapham is known for his powerful crime fiction.  He brings that in spades along with a violent vision of horror that defined much of the Crossed universe to this story.  If you have been following the unlikely road to revenge for Gavin Land, make sure you pick up Crossed: Badlands #70 to see where the journey ends.  Crossed: Badlands #70 is available in comic shops and digitally on ComiXology today.

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