Step Inside the Future of Crossed

Crossed+100-2-RegularAlan Moore has redefined the comics medium multiple times with revolutionary stories that have a place of reverence within the reading community.  Last year in God is Dead: Book of Acts Alpha he lent his distinctive voice to Crossed+100-2-design-battlebusthe deity ravaged world that Jonathan Hickman created.  Now in the pages of Crossed +100, Moore returns to comics to put his incredible stamp onto Garth Ennis’ masterwork survival horror series.

Crossed+100-2-CGCNumberedSet 100 years in the future after the modern Crossed outbreak, Moore delivers a story that is both dynamic and unique.  This is Moore’s ultimate vision of how the world would develop after the majority of the human race is wiped Crossed+100-2-FutureTenseout by the virus.  Inside the pages of Crossed +100 we see the development of language, civilization, and the human spirit as it attempts to understand what brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

Simply put, this is a modern horror masterpiece and fans of Crossed have an opportunity to read something that is uniquely tied to the violent world they have frequented these past six years. Crossed+100-2-AmHistoryXWrapCrossed +100 #2 is in stores now.  Ask your local comic shop to set aside a copy today.

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