God is Dead Vol 4 TP New in Previews

GodisDead_V4The latest volume of Jonathan Hickman’s unique world of divine retribution is listed in the January Previews for March on sale.  Mike Costa has taken this world ravaged by the divine and turned it into a vicious puzzle with factions and pantheons waging a devastating war amongst themselves for rule over all.

In this latest chapter, after finally undoing the curse of immortality upon the Earth, humankind forces the gods back to their own planes of existence.  But can anyone truly force a god to do anything for long?  And now that Satan has revealed himself as the killer of the almighty, what devious schemes does the Prince of Lies have up his sleeve for man and god alike?

If you enjoy mythology and Avatar’s brand of brutal uncensored storytelling, make sure you check with your local comic shop to reserve a copy of this newest tome and to catch up on the events of the past God is Dead collections!

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