Uber Revelations

Uber21-regKieron Gillen’s masterful altered history epic Uber, has been filled with mysteries and puzzles that can potentially effect the outcome of the war.  One of the biggest ones has been the identity of the mole within Allies camp.  How is Uber21-Propagandasomeone tapping into their discoveries and passing
information back to Germany?  That mystery is solved in Uber #21 as Stephanie discovers the traitor and that knowledge may well make her pay the ultimate  price.

And the German Battleships have been largely uncontested with no ordinance being able to impact them.  Until now.  At long last, the battle between fully activated Ubers is Uber21-WarCrimeshere and Sieglinde will finally see what it is like to stand toe-to-to against equal power in the hands of Moscow’s Katyusha.  The pure destructive power of the clash may scorch the Earth forever.

Uber21-wrapIf you have not tried Uber, stop by your local comic shop
and ask for the trade paperback collections of this epic series.  Get caught up on the most vicious alternate history comic every created in the pages of Uber.

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