Alan Moore’s Crossed +100 #3 in Stores Now!

Crossed+100-3-regularAlan Moore’s legion of fans have been closely watching as his vision for the future of horror in the Crossed universe plays out for Future and her friends.  After nearly a hundred years the Crossed are starting to appear again and Crossed+100-3-OldCountryin force.  The new civilization that has sprung up from the ashes of the 21st Century is struggling to understand the horrors of the infection first hand.  Their attempts to find links to the past and the origin of the plague may be leading them to a revolutionary discovery…

Crossed+100-3-FutureTenseIf you enjoy the grueling world of terror that Garth Ennis created with Crossed, you owe it to yourself to witness the stark landscape as seen through the eyes of the man that revolutionized comics.  Alan Moore has created a Crossed+100-3-CrossedCulturemeticulously planned out world with a breathing developing language and social structure.  This is without a doubt one of the freshest takes on the Crossed plague since its debut.  Ask your local retailer to reserve a copy of the latest issue and join in the terror.

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