Uber #23 Reveals HMH Churchill At Last

Uber23-regThe Allies have faced a losing battle attempting to catch up with and surpass the Nazi Uber development and deployment.  They’ve faced enhanced soldier spies and bold moves by Hitler that have shifted the course of the war Uber23-WarCrimesdrastically.  Up until now, catch up hasn’t been good enough.  Every advancement the Allies have mustered has been countered by the Third Reich.

As Hitlter’s Great Burn is enacted and cities begin to face the direct assault of Uber halo effects, a lone bright spot emerges in the Allied camp.  After a lot of soul searching, Stephanie makes a Uber23-Propagandamove that allows the HMH Churchill to be fully activated.  Now the sole alternative to combat Nazi Uber23-BlitzBattleship Ubers is at last in play.  The story of Uber continues to be one of the most ground breaking in all of comics.

Stop by your local comic shop to find Uber #23 and get caught up on Kieron Gillen’s masterpiece.

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