New Chapter in God is Dead Mythology

GodisDead31_RegJonathan Hickman created a unique fictional world where all the colorful gods of ancient times return to modern society and wreak divine chaos on the globe.  Mike Costa has taken that world and developed the characters and creatures to an incredible level.  We’ve seen this god-struck planet endure battles against the divine and human foes.  And through all the insanity, the world kept moving.

GodisDead31-EndofDaysBut now, a new darker chapter is unleashed in comic shops with God is Dead #31.  What more can the weary population endure?  They’ve already faced a hundred years of unimaginable misery.  But now…from the depths of Hell itself, a new terror arises to wrench control of the world away.  And no one will see the surprise twist coming.

GodisDead31-IconicIf you enjoy mythology you simply must be reading God is Dead.  Stop by your local retailer to catch up on the latest issue and to purchase the collected editions.


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