George R.R. Martin’s In the House of the Worm TP Arrives in July

house-of-the-worm-TPBThe biggest name in fantasy, George R.R. Martin, brings one of his most popular short stories to life in comics with the In the House of the Worm TP collection in stores this July.  Fans of Game of Thrones have been clamoring for more of Martin’s fantasy work in comics and this story has it all – a strange society with underground terrors and ancient prophecies.  Follow the tragic story of Annelyn as he changes from petulant child to shell-shocked survivor in a journey that takes him far beneath the feet of his fellow friends and into the lair of the Grouns.  What horrors have been buried beneath the ages will once again be revealed and nothing this young man can do will change the misery about to be unleashed.

Ask your local comic shop to reserve a copy of this special trade paperback collection for you and experience a one of a kind tale from a true master storyteller.

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