Reserve Your Copy of Mercury Heat #1

MERCURY-HEAT_01_RegularLocal comic shops are finalizing their orders for product shipping in July and at the top of that list is Kieron Gillen’s newest ongoing series, Mercury Heat.  Fans will recognize the title from this year’s Free Comic Book Day event where the Mercury Heat Debut issue introduced us to Luiza, a young lady with an unusual dream and a specific neuroprofile.

MERCURY-HEAT_01_Excessive ForceLuiza’s genetic markers and personality type made her an unstable choice for a police officer but the perfect choice for a bounty agent.  On Mars the wild west lives again only inhabited by hard-as-nails miners and cyborg outlaws.  Now she must stay one step ahead of the dawn and put down threats to the population with extreme prejudice.  Be one of the first to experience this new vision of the future from one of today’s best writers.

MERCURY-HEAT_01_WraparoundAsk your local comics retailer to reserve a copy of Mercury Heat #1 for you today!

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