Avatar Press New to ComiXology 7/8/15

These are the new Avatar Press and Boundless Comics digital items coming to ComiXology on Wednesday 7/8/15:

God is Dead #38

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Mike Costa has crafted some tales worthy of the ancient GodisDead38_Regmythologies that spawned them, but now something in the god ravaged world has changed.  After a hundred years of petty gods squabbling and destroying everything around them, suddenly the voices from the void are quiet.  Are all
the gods dead at last?  Or has something even more sinister come to plague a world that has already endured so much?  The most ambitious story yet unfolds in the pages of God is Dead!




Providence #2

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      In this giant-size, ad-free, second issue, Alan Moore’s Providence02-regbreathtaking epic PROVIDENCE continues to weave a complex tapestry of modern horror.  With his artistic partner Jacen Burrows, they lead the main character Robert Black on the first leg of his exploration of the seedy underbelly of America.  Moore has designed every cover,
every single page, and every nuance of this work to create his most fully-realized vision to date.  There are no ads, with all 40 pages written by Moore.  Painstakingly researched, meticulously produced, this is a sequential masterpiece that will serve as important a call to the next generation of comic book writers as Watchmen did 30 years ago:  this is a definitive demonstration of just how good a comic book can be.

Boundless Comics:

Lady Death: Apocalypse #6

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Apocalypse wraps up in this stunning oversized final issue!  LadyDeathApoc6-RegAll stands revealed as we see that Satyricon has been pulling Queen Tormina’s strings in an effort to destroy the Blacklands. Now only Lady Death stands in his way. Will her new found powers from The Void be enough to stop the
mad demon’s apocalyptic quest? This is the final fate of the Underrealm and Lady Death. Also featuring a special pinup and behind-the-scenes gallery of art from Lady Death through the ages!

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