God is Dead Delivers Mythology Reinvented

GodisDead39_RegAuthor Mike Costa has done an amazing job of taking dusty tomes of mythology and turning them into a vital and horrifying narration in the pages of God is Dead.  Fans have enjoyed a thrill ride of action and consequence that has seen the very Earth and all of creation destroyed by the machinations of Satan.  And now, though the world is GodisDead39-Enchantingreborn without gods, the separation that has kept mortal and divine apart is disintegrating.

Once more the influence of the gods is finding its way to the mortal plane and turning a population without imagination into groveling slaves.  The world of man has no place for physical GodisDead39-Iconicmanifestations of the divine.  And now…without visionaries and mortals with the ability to fight these monsters, the gods are positioned to once more run GodisDead39-EndofDaysroughshod over a helpless population.

If you have any interest in mythology or original storytelling, make sure you try God is Dead at your local comic book shop.  The series is unlike anything else being published and trade paperback editions are available from the first chapters of the ongoing saga.

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