Uber Vol 5 New in August Previews

New this month in the Previews catalog that just arrived in comic shops for October shipping, the next terrifying volume of Kieron Gillen’s Uber is collected!

“Uber is a master class in historical fiction. It never denies the weight of the issues it deals with but heightens them to a fantastical place that makes the conflict and characters more engaging and dramatic while making a bloody mess.” – Bloody Disgusting

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:    Kieron Gillen’s groundbreaking alternate war history begins UberVol5-TPBa new terrifying chapter in super human World War II warfare.  The Nazi’s have enacted Hitler’s master plan, the Great Burn is now turning all of Europe into a fire-blasted wasteland.  City after city, country after country, the very earth itself is being purged by the unparalleled power of the German onslaught.  With no answer on the horizon to stopping the Axis from purifying the entire continent, the Allies turn to Stephanie and the monster that is the HMH Churchill for a glimmer of hope.  The horrors of super human warfare continue to rage throughout Europe and the destruction mounts to global levels.  Uber is an unforgettable vision of the misery of war turned apocalypse. This volume collects issues #23 – 27 of the ongoing Uber comic book series and the Uber 2014 Free Comic Book Day Special.

Ask your local comic shop for volumes 1-4 of this one of a kind super solider altered history epic!

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