Epic Conclusion to Crossed: Badlands “Lesser of Two Evils” Arc Coming

Crossed86-RegHorror icon Mike Wolfer has delivered a powerful Crossed: Badlands arc called “The Lesser of Two Evils.”  The story is leading toward an epic conclusion in the upcoming pages of Crossed: Badlands #86.

A band of survivors that have taken over a partially collapsed overpass have welcomed two stragglers into their fold.  These two women come with experience via a fictional “zombie survival guide” and under the guise of helping the Crossed86-Torturepeople survive in their corner of the apocalypse.  But things are not always as they seem as the ulterior motive and masterful manipulation begin to play out.  Now with the alliances within the camp are disintegrating and the call of the Crossed is nearing.  A classic who dunnit tale concludes as we find out exactly what happens where there is no help and there is no hope…

Ask your local comic shop owner to get copies Crossed Badlands #80 – 85 to catch up on this pivotal arc today!

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