Crossed Dead or Alive in Comic Shops

CrossedDOA1-regGarth Ennis’ Crossed is the undisputed most violent and hardcore horror series being published.  With fans calling out for anew truly terrifying vision in film, it is a natural progression to take the next step from comics into movies with the Crossed.  And Ennis himself is planning to be behind the camera to make sure his uncensored vision comes to fruition.

CrossedDOA2-regFans of Crossed know that the Dead or Alive webseries was collected into an extremely limited edition comic book as a way of raising funds to make the live action webisodes a reality.  Those printed editions may be the rarest of all Crossed books due to their very short print runs.  And the Crossed: DOA issues are finally on shelves in local comic shops now!  Stop by your favorite retailer and get a glimpse into pure hell with the grueling horror of the Crossed.


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