Max Bemis Joins the Crossed!

Crossed87-RegSinger, songwriter, and comic scribe, Max Bemis has lent his distinct voice to a new story arc in Crossed: Badlands #87.  The issue hits comic shops and ComiXology today and tells the powerful tale of two estranged brothers – one human and one Crossed.

Crossed87-TortureIn the early days of the infection some remote areas were safe for a fleeting time after the initial outbreak.  But nothing survives the misery of the Crossed and soon two siblings are reunited for a final time to discover if old wounds can be healed or if new ones will be inflicted.  In “Shrink” we see a twisted family dynamic become the focal point of two very different men.

Crossed87-WrapStop by your local comic shop today and check out this startling new tale from one of comics most innovative new creators.

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