Uber Digital Blitzkrieg on ComiXology

Uber26_RegKieron Gillen’s incredible World War II altered history series has redefined what a super soldier comic book can be.  The unrelenting and dark story details the introduction of German Ubers into the waning days of the war and the devistation they cause is at times unbearable to watch.

Uber19-regAnyone looking for a powerful comic book series that is truly innovative and unique should look no further than this incredible story.  This week fans can obtain sale priced digital copies of the award winning series at:  https://www.comixology.com/Uber-Sale/page/8453

Uber0RegAll 28 digital comics of the first chapter can be purchased in a bundle for $19.99 and all single issues for $.99 through Sunday 10/18.

If you enjoy the digital comics be sure to stop by your local comic book shop to find copies of the five Trade Paperback volumes for your bookshelf.


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