New in December Previews – Mike Wolfer Delivers The Crossed

CrossedVol15-HCHorror comics legend, Mike Wolfer, returns to his roots with a terrifying tale of monsters and maniacs in Crossed Vol 15 TPB.  The collection presents his Crossed: Badlands arc “The Lesser of Two Evils” in a complete trade paperback and hardcover treatment.

Illustrated and written by Wolfer, this story tells the tale of survivors stranded upon a partially collapsed overpass. CrossedVol15-TPB Safe from the Crossed, the survivors face dwindling supplies and tattered allegiances.  When they take in two women to the group they are lulled into following the steps of their “survival guide” to stay one step ahead of the Crossed.  But instead of maneuvering the group to survive it seems that there are other machinations being put into play.

This is a great story about the monsters you don’t see.  Ask your local comic shop to reserve a copy of this collection for you.  Crossed Vol 15 TP is on sale in February.

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