Uber Redefines Horror and History

UberV1TPBKieron Gillen is an amazing writer who has entertained us with some of the best comics of the past decade.  Among those incredible tales the story of Uber stands out as a stark and powerful vision that has redefined horror and history.  The groundbreaking series took us to the waning days of World War II and utterly changed the game with the UberVol4TPBintroduction of a new and terrible weapon – the Ubers.

The story so far has been collected into five trade paperbacks which are available at your local comic book shop and on Amazon.  This first chapter of the saga is required reading for anyone looking to enjoy a riveting reinvention of the super solider trope and the horror/history mashup.  With new stories on the horizon for 2016, make sure you are caught up on one of the most Uber-Vol3-tpbgripping tales to grace the illustrated page.  Stop by your local comic shop and find out why everyone praises Uber as one of the best original comics out there.

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