Caliban Discovers Terror in Deep Space

Caliban-vol1There are few things that can deliver a tale that combines the claustrophobia of a confined space and the unknown as a good space terror.  Alien is the mark by which all others are held by its unique genre defining visuals, score, and palpable tension.  But Garth Ennis gave the classic a real run for the money with his self contained collection in the Caliban TPB.  Well known for incredible characterization and authentic dialogue, Ennis once again delivers something truly special in the pages of this tome.

caliban-5-design-sketchTraveling the mundane superhighways of deep space, the ship Caliban encounters a horror that is wholly unexpected and lethal.  Ennis perfectly captures the fear of the unknown and the terror of an unstoppable alien presence reaping the souls of the ship one by one.  If you crave that feeling of the first time you saw the Alien burst from Kane’s chest, make sure you ask your local retailer to reserve a copy of the Caliban TPB now.  That terrifying exhilaration is waiting for you to start reading.

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