Christos Gage Brings Smokey Back to Crossed: Badlands

Crossed93RegCvrEver since Christos Gage’s Alpha-Crossed, Smokey first appeared in issues #29–32, there have been fans calling for his return.  In the “Quisling” story arc, we were introduced to this unique Crossed – a beast of a man who can delay his need for immediate gratification and seemingly understand how to take advantage of planning to achieve his goals.  As if the Crossed weren’t frightening enough, this new Crossed93Torturecharacter added a level of sophistication to the brood and all but vanquished the idea of survival.

Now, at long last, Gage returns to Smokey’s story with the second part to his tale.  In “SHTF” we see that Smokey is still just as clever as before and his new plans have grown in scope and horror.  This first part to the new story will throw you into the deep end of horror and give you a glimpse of the terror to come.

Ask your local comics retailer to reserve a copy for you today.

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