A Different Kind of Crossed Tale

Crossed100_14RegularSimon Spurrier has helped to usher in new visions in the grueling world of the Crossed with his incredible Wish You Were Here story line.  And now he puts his unique stamp on another dark corner of the Crossed universe in the latest Crossed +100 arc.  If you’ve read Spurrier’s work in the past,  you know that he has a real knack for delivering Crossed100-14Wirespowerful human emotion and drama within the confines of horrific events.  This latest story takes you even further into Future Taylor’s world and gives you a potent tale of nature vs nurture.  The Crossed have evolved but the uninfected really havent…what happens when they put aside their base fear and hatred of the enemy to raise an infected child?  Does love win out?  Will the urges of the disease turn the child into just another plague carrier?  You must read this arc to see this story play out.  It is truly a unique tale that will have an impact on you.

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