Christos Gage’s Absolution

AbsolutionTPBcover (2)If you are enjoying the second season of Netflix’s Daredevil, make sure you check out Christos Gage’s Absolution.  Gage was a screenwriter on season one of Daredevil, helping to set the stage for the Hell’s Kitchen crew.  And there are definitely shades of his powerful vigilante tale in the sequences that make up the show.

AbsolutionV2TPBAbsolution presents a world with deputized super heroes who are part of the police force.  But what happens when one of them has seen enough of criminals working the system and walking free?  This is the story of John Dusk who goes off the rails as a cop and becomes a one man war on crime.

If you are a fan of books like The Authority and Planetary – you must read Absolution.  Ask your local comic book shop to reserve a copy for you today.

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