Kieron Gillen’s Mercury Heat Vol 1 TPB Arrives in Stores Today

Kieron Uber 1Kieron Gillen is one of the hottest writers working in comics today.  His stories have captivated a wide range of audiences and he’s recently been entrusted to tell the story of Darth Vader in the new Marvel Star Wars comics in addition to his imaginative independent stories.  With tales like Phonogram, The Wicked and the Divine, and Uber under his belt, his new stories command a wide audience and interest level.

Today in comic shops, the first collected chapter of his original sci-fi epic, Mercury Heat is MercuryHeatVol1-TPBavailable.  For fans who have waited to read the first installment in a collection, this is the opportunity to explore a brand new vision of the future from one of today’s best talents.  Mercury Heat is a non-stop action tale set on the sister planet of Mercury.  In an environment where you can be killed by extreme heat or cold, a select group of people work to collect resources from this barren planet.

Luiza is a bounty agent.  Her psych profile places her one small deviation from being a psychopath but she is able to use her skills to something akin to her dream goal of being a police officer.  Now she must survive a wild-west like civilization filled with cybernetic criminals and killers.

Ask your local comic shop to reserve a copy of the trade paperback today.

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