Don’t Miss Your Second Ticket to The Cinema

Cinema2Retailers are taking orders right now for Cinema Purgatorio #2.  The groundbreaking new anthology created by Alan Moore presents five unique stories by some of the biggest names in all of comics.  In addition to the maestro, Mr. Moore, we can enjoy new tales from Garth Ennis, Max Brooks, Kieron Gillen, and Christos Gage.  With that kind Cinema2_Vastof line up you rest assured that Cinema Purgatorio will not leaving you wanting.

These are the tales of terror from the minds of the masters.  They are akin to the nightmares that Alan Moore encountered in his youth at the strange and surreal cinema of the era.  Now fans from all over can enjoy Cinema2_Moddedsomething truly disturbing for less than the price of a matinee movie ticket.  Step into the cinema, tear your ticket, and take your seat.  The show is about to begin…

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