Powerful Warren Ellis Original Stories

Ignition City TpAvatar Press has a wonderful library of Warren Ellis stories that cover the gamut of every genre.  Fans of the master scribe will be able to indulge in tales that range from horror to action/adventure to fantasy all in the pages of the existing graphic novels.

One of our favorites is Ignition City.  This story covers many genres – sci-fi, pulp adventure, action – and it delivers a tale that is truly memorable.   IC is set in world where the pulp space adventurers have aged and are starting to die off.  One of the most famous is murdered and his daughter, a swashbuckling pilot herself, must go to the last spaceport to find the killer.  Beautifully illustrated by Gianluca Pagliarani, the stunning art really delivers on this old western tale set in the golden age of space.

Try this great graphic novel at your local comic shop and see the unleashed creativity of one of the industry’s most prolific creators.

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