Revisiting Black Summer

Black Summer - 9781592910526 - JPEG2Warren Ellis has delivered dozens of incredible stories to Avatar Press readers.  One of the most powerful is Black Summer.  When John Horus decides to work for the government, it seems like a perfect match for his brand of justice.  But when he decides no one is above his personal law, he takes matters into his own bloody hands.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  The world goes black in this epic story of super-powered heroes and villains. The story begins when the political situation in the United States becomes more than Horus can stand, and he moves to take matters into his own hands. Unfortunately, not all of his team-mates are quite so eager to throw the world into chaos, and an epic conflict ensues. With Horus and the rest of the surviving Guns facing off against the military and each other, no one is safe as the bodies start to fall.

If you are looking for a fantastic mature readers superhero story – your search should start and end with Black Summer.  It is available at your local comic book shop for order.

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