Crossed: Badlands #100 New in May Previews

CrossedB100-regThe end is nigh!  In fact, the long running Crossed: Badlands series comes to a conclusion with the giant sized issue #100 new in your May Previews.  The series has chronicled the misery of the Crossed for years and its final series wraps up the Christos Gage “Smokey” trilogy with an unbelievably powerful conclusion!

This is a very special issue that Crossed fans will want to savor.  The future of the Crossed will be announced soon but for the time being, we are watching Smokey’s carefully laid plans unfolding on the pages of each issue leading up to the big centennial offering.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     This is the way the world ends in the final issue of Crossed: CrossedB100-SummerFunBadlands!  Celebrate eight years and hundreds of stories from Garth Ennis’ unrivaled horror series with this tremendous 64 page, ad-free issue!  Join Crossed scribe Christos Gage as he delivers the final installment of the Smokey trilogy, and this may be the end of life as we know it!  To help celebrate this amazing milestone we pack this issue with incredible extras celebrating the original series CrossedB100-Tortureartist Jacen Burrows!   We start with including the rare original Jacen Burrows sketchbook and an enormous cover gallery of the rarest and previously uncollected Jacen Burrows Crossed covers. There is no help. There is no hope. There is only the Crossed. Available with Regular cover by German Nobile, Wraparound & Good Eating by Daniel Gete, Torture & Summer Fun by Nahuel Lopez. Also available are the ultimate collector limited editions – a Fairy Tale Century Set of three sexy covers by Emilio Laiso which are limited to 100 each, and a Costume Change Set of six covers by Christian Zanier limited to 250 sets!



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