Crossed +100 Countdown to the End

Crossed100_15regularSimon Spurrier has been praised for his work in the Crossed universe.  From Crossed Wish You Were Here to his critically received stories in Badlands and several Annuals/Specials, every story he has created has touched a nerve with powerful characters and circumstances.  And his Crossed100-15AmHisXWraparc on Crossed +100 has been a memorable and potent continuation and furthering of the groundwork set by master scribe Alan Moore.

Now as the countdown clock continues to run, the future world of Crossed +100 inches Crossed100-15Wirescloser to its final issue.  The mystery of the evolved Crossed is slowly being revealed and Future Taylor is on a collision course with her fate.  If you have not read Crossed +100, stop in your local comic shop to find issue #15 and the trade collections of the series.  This is a comic that you won’t soon forget and its guaranteed to leave its mark on you.

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