The Next Chapter of Smokey’s Story Begins in Crossed Badlands #97

Crossed97-regChristos Gage created one of the unforgettable monsters in the Crossed universe in Smokey, the hulking alpha-Crossed that is able to delay his gratification to achieve goals.  This powerful personality instantly rocketed up the popularity Crossed97-CdayEnglandcharts with longtime villains like Horsecock and Howard Lorre.  Now the final chapter of his tale has begun in what some are calling the “Smokey Trilogy”.  Crossed Badlands #97 sees Smokey’s dreams of building something special dashed with the destruction of Smokeyville.  But he’s heard the rumors…there are two female Crossed, twins, who are smart like him.  And he knows his future rests upon finding those women and Crossed97-ArtDecostarting a race of “smart” Crossed.

Stop by your local comic shop today to pick up Crossed: Badlands #97 and discover the horror of The Crossed.

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