Uber Invasion Enters Second Phase

In a week’s time, the response to the Uber Invasion Kickstarter has been overwhelming. 16b85a09f248f0b68a32cf4af5544a2f_original Comic book fans have been flocking to Kieron Gillen’s alternate history war epic to help bring the project to fruition on Kickstarter.  The result has seen the project funded virtually immediately and the overall total growing daily.

5136cff98205c8edc6eba591e294eff9_originalWith just over a week to go, the project is poised to be a major success.  Fans have an opportunity to get some incredible new collectibles for their collections and will help ensure the longevity of the series.  Please help keep the interest going by sharing the Kickstarter project on social media to family and friends.  Together we can make sure this vital piece of comics fiction has an opportunity to spin the full story out in the pages of Uber Invasion.

Please visit the project here:  http://goo.gl/RnlRzE

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