Final Hours of Uber Invasion Kickstarter

Kieron Uber 1The final hours before the Invasion are here.  With just under 12 hours remaining, the return of Uber: Invasion is certain.  But we are asking all of our supporters of this essential series to help us make one last push to reach every Uber fan we can.  We want to make sure everyone has a chance to partake in some of the cool rewards that are lined up for this program and to be a part of bringing Kieron Gillen’s amazing work on unnamedthis altered timeline series back to comics.

We’re asking that all of our incredible supporters please take a moment one last time to share Uber Invasion on Kickstarter with your comic reading family and friends.  With your help we can ensure that this series is supported and dedicated to continuing through to the end.

22c60f6fa547169f15acef8d1f5d1c1f_originalThank you for making this a huge success!

Please visit the Kickstarter page and consider supporting the return of this vital series here:


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