Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 10/12/16

This is the new Avatar Press item coming to comic shops on Wednesday 10/12/16:

Cinema Purgatorio #6

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     The lights are low and that surreal ticking noise from behind Cinema6you could be the film reel or something else…  As the first images begin to flicker across the screen, you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand and a chill run down your spine. It’s like an old cartoon meant to amuse before the main feature starts – but something is very wrong with it. This is the beginning of Alan Moore’s trip to Cinema6_Moddedthe theater of the unreal. Now showing: Cinema Purgatorio by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill, A More Perfect Union by Max Brooks and Michael DiPascale, Code Pru by Garth Ennis and Raulo Caceres, Modded by Kieron Gillen and Ignacio Calero, and The Vast by Christos Gage and Gabriel Andrade. Each story has its own cover by the series artist and there is also an Ancient Tome Premium edition limited to 1000 copies.

Ask your local comic shop retailer to reserve copies for you today!



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