UBER: Invasion #2 by Kieron Gillen and Daniel Gete – Preview


America’s formerly unassailable shores are burning, the White House is a scorch mark, and the Nazi war machine is rolling over the world. The horror of global war is intensified a thousand times over as living weapons with more power than atomic bombs level everything in sight. World War II is dangerously close to wiping out the human race and the Allies have all but been broken. Is there a way to turn back the tide against a German onslaught that seems to be a step ahead of everyone in the creation of Ubers and their deployment?

I’m sure you’ve been wondering… where can this possibly go after the shock and devistation of issue #1?  Well, here’s a quick look at the opening of #2 — if you dare!  Spoilers, obviously.   Uber: Invasion #2 will be in stores around the end of this month.







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