Alan Moore & HP Lovecraft’s Scary, Scarce Century: Limitless Secrets for a Limited Time

providence-raulo-cover-09-HPL“The One Who Is Possessed By The Old Ones And Whose Art is Inspired By The Old Ones”

Originally conceived as a set of images by Francisco Raúl Cáceres Anillo, a mad artist of Cordoba, Spain who is said to have been born during the times of the Caliphate of Cordoba, when Abd-ar-Rahman came there intent on regaining his power. Whether he brought a copy of Abdul Ahazed‘s Necronomicon with him when he left Damascus is a matter of some debate — as is artist Raulo Caceres‘ precise relationship to Francisco Raúl Cáceres Anillo of that era — but that the almost inconceivably intense work is vividly and directly influenced by the work of Abdul Ahazed is indisputable.

The ultimate package, all ten of the Century covers, at a huge discount, and limited to 26 Lettered Sets (A-Z)!

The ultimate in rarity comes to Providence! These special Century Editions on #11 features all new images from Raulo Caceres illustrating scenes from seminal Lovecraft works that influenced Providence! But don’t blink, this set of ten books are all crazy rare and will vanish! Each Century Edition ships in a bag and board for protection and is very limited, only 100 copies available of each cover!

Special Holiday shipping news – All orders for this item will be shipping Dec 12, so plenty of time to get it delivered for the holidays!

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