Catch Up on Uber Now Before Invasion

UberVol5-TPBThe long-awaited second chapter of Uber – Invasion, is coming very soon.  Kieron Gillen created something truly unique and powerfully moving in the pages of this altered history war story.  And fans have been clamoring for the next part of the story for some time.

UberV1TPBIf you are new to this incredible comic, you should take this time to catch up on what has come before.  There are five collected editions available and in print from your local comic shop, Amazon, and  Pick up these stories so that you will be in the know when the unthinkable happens in the pages of Uber Invasion #1!


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Time is Running Out to Get the Freakangels Digital Bundle

freakangelsFor just a few more days, through Sunday 11/6, Warren Ellis’ masterpiece series Freakangels is on sale for an awesome bundle price on ComiXology.  All six trade digital collections can be had for the low price of $34.99.  That’s the entire series packed with Paul Duffield’s amazing art Freakangels v2and all the twists and turns you expect from Warren Ellis for a Black Friday price today!

Click this link to purchase the sets now:

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Garth Ennis’ Dicks Series a Masterpiece of Mayhem

DicksVol2TPB (2)There are books out there that leave an indelible mark upon their readers.  I’m sure you can name a few that did that for you in your collecting career.  But I’m here to tell you that there is another series out there that will scar your frontal lobes and leave a lasting impression upon you after reading it.  Garth Ennis’ Dicks series consists of three riotously dicksvol1TPBirreverent trade paperback collections that pack some of the funniest and most outrageous adventures ever put to paper.

If you want to laugh out loud and enjoy taking a step away from the world of political correctness, try these graphic novels and you will discover a world of antics that are over the top hilarious.

You can find these volumes at your local comic shop, on Amazon, or digitally from ComiXology and


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Uber Invasion #2 Featured in November Previews

UberInv2-PropagandaAt long last, Kieron Gillen’s epic altered history title, Uber is back!  Fans of the World War II epic have been patiently waiting for the second chapter of the tale to return and now are flocking to comic book shops to add the title to their pull lists.

UberInv2-WarCrimesUber Invasion picks up the story at a pivotal part of the war.  Hitler has just enacted his master plan and the unstoppable Ubers are invading the shores of America.  This is a terrifying look at global war with no hope of resolution.  Anyone who enjoys gripping and powerful storytelling must check out this series.

Ask your local comic shop to reserve copies for you.

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Freakangels Digital Sale on ComiXology

freakangelsEveryone loves the unique and creative works of Warren Ellis.  This week only through Sunday 11/6, Avatar Press is offering an awesome deal 0n the six-volume set of the digital editions of Freakangels.  You can experience the end Freakangels 6of the world through the eyes of a group of unique kids and witness their struggles to deal with the consequences of their actions.  This is Ellis at his very best – wry, intelligent, and thought-provoking to the end.

Visit ComiXology to get this powerful story in one bingeable chunk!



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Happy Halloween from Avatar Press!

Providence07-ghoulBCrossed87-RegThat wonderful time of the year is finally here!  It’s Halloween and we want to wish a very happy holiday to everyone celebrating the things that go bump in the night.  Take an Avatar Press horror with you tonight and enjoy a good scare!  Happy Halloween!

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An Avatar Halloween – Crossed Wish You Were Here

CrossedWYWHVol1TPBJust a few days left until Halloween is here.  And as comic fans look around for the perfect stories to read during this spookiest of seasons, we’ve been revisiting some classics that will run a chill down your spine.

CrossedWYWHvol4TPBToday we return to Simon Spurrier’s long form Crossed tale, Wish You Were Here.  The story revolves around Shaky, a “nice guy” just trying to get by with a group of uninfected secretly surviving the apocalypse on an island.  The brilliance of this story is the slow burn unravel of who and what Shaky has done in the past as that eventually comes to haunt him in the present.  The story is harsh and uncompromising.  And the horror is not only of the Crossed’s doing.  This is a true horror drama that will leave a lasting mark on you.

Check out all four volumes of Crossed: Wish You Were Here at your local comic shop, on Amazon, or at ComiXology &


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Don’t Let the Night of the Living Dead Sale Shamble By!

NOTLD DV1Halloween is almost upon us, and folks are scrambling to find the best brain munching horror they can to binge on in the dark hours of the holiday.  Avatar helps you to find those night terrors with a huge bundle of digital Night of the Living Dead comics waiting to fulfill your hunger for NOTLDDeathValley#2Reghorror.

Right now you can get a massive bundle of classic Night of the Living Dead digital comics at a huge discount ($19.99)!  But hurry…like Halloween this deal won’t last long.  You only have until Sunday 10/30 to indulge in the dance of the dead!

You can find the sale here:

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An Avatar Halloween – Chronicles of Wormwood

chroniclesWormwoodTPBIt’s that time of year when everyone goes in search of the very best in horror comics to enjoy during the Halloween holiday.  Today we are talking about a unique series by legendary scribe Garth Ennis.  Fans of the Preacher TV series need look no further than Chronicles of Wormwood for an incredible companion read in that genre.

Chronicles of WormwoodChronicles of Wormwood is Ennis at his best delivering a story about the Anti-Christ and the returned messiah.  This series is irreverent in all the right ways.  If you have enjoyed Preacher in comics or on TV, you owe it to yourself to discover Chronicles of Wormwood.  There are three volumes of the series – Chroniclees of Wormwood, CW Last Battle, and CW The Last Enemy.

Stop by your local comic store, shop on Amazon, or visit for copies of this must-read horror series for Halloween!

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An Avatar Halloween – Black Gas

Black GasHalloween is our favorite time of year!  It’s when everyone comes together over a love of good horror comics.  And to help you get in the holiday spirit, we’re talking about some of our favorite spooky tales.

Everyone thinks they are an expert on what would happen during a zombie apocalypse.  That’s why I look to the masters – Romero, Brooks, and of course…Warren Ellis – for the best stories about flesh-eating ghouls.  In Black Gas we are treated to some of the most horrifying zombie fiction ever created and it all has that witty edge that you come to expect from Mr. Ellis.  If you are tired of soap operas masquerading as zombie fiction, look no further for the terrifying answer.  Stop at your local comic shop, check Amazon, or visit to get Warren Ellis’ Black Gas TP.  And enjoy some true horror this Halloween!


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