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Frankenstein’s Womb is a Stark Horror Masterpiece

Warren Ellis has masterfully created graphic novels from every genre.  But in perhaps one of his most under appreciated visions he delivers a stark horror masterpiece that invokes the very best of Gothic storytelling.  Frankenstein’s Womb returns to 1816 where … Continue reading

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Remembering Dan The Unharmable

All too often comic fans feel like they are stuck in a rut.  Its the same thing every week from the big publishers and every once in a while you just need something wholly original to break it up.  Fans … Continue reading

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Alan Moore’s Classic Another Suburban Romance

For fans of Alan Moore, there are a few essential projects that you must read – Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and From Hell are at the top of that list.  But the library of his works extends much further than … Continue reading

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