Frankenstein’s Womb is a Stark Horror Masterpiece

Frankensteins WombWarren Ellis has masterfully created graphic novels from every genre.  But in perhaps one of his most under appreciated visions he delivers a stark horror masterpiece that invokes the very best of Gothic storytelling.  Frankenstein’s Womb returns to 1816 where a young Marry Wollstonecraft Godwin encounters a mysteriously disfigured man in the abandoned Castle Frankenstein.

What follows is a brilliant ghost story that creates comparisons between the birth of a literary giant and an unearthly abomination.  This is Ellis at his best deconstructing and building mythos on every page.  For the fan of Penny Dreadful and Hammer Horror, this is a must read.  And for the Ellis enthusiast, it is like finding a long lost manuscript that has never been appreciated.  You can master the horror at your local comic shop or on Amazon today with Frankenstein’s Womb GN.


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