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Summer Reading – War Stories

Summer is here and comic book fans and readers are selecting their favorite trades to take to the beach or to read by the pool.  We’re continuing our line of articles reviewing the best of Avatar Press for just such … Continue reading

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The Mad Emperor of Rome – Caligula

Fans of David Lapham have an awesome library of Avatar Press trades to read.  His works run the gamut from incredibly disturbing as in Crossed: Psychopath to uniquely quirky in Dan The Unharmable.  But one of his most horrifying titles … Continue reading

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Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 4/29/15

These are the new Avatar Press comic books coming to comic shops on Wednesday 4/29/15 Crossed: Badlands #76 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Kieron Gillen continues his tale of Crossed set in two times.  The modern day outbreak and a previously … Continue reading

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