David Quinn, Timothy Vigil Reunite at Avatar

Urbana, IL – Avatar Press, Inc. announced today that the company has reached an agreement with writer David Quinn and artist Timothy Vigil to publish 777: The Wrath, the latest collaboration between the two creators responsible for one of the definitive comic series of the past decade – Faust: Love of the Damned.

“It is no exaggeration to say that David Quinn and Timothy Vigil are two of the most influential creators on the independent comics scene,” says Avatar Press Editor-in-Chief William A. Christensen.  “Their collaborations, such as Faust, have helped to define what independent comics are and can be.  They’ve already influenced and set the standard for many of the current generation of creators and publishers, including myself, and 777: The Wrath is certain to raise that standard to new heights.”

777: The Wrath is an unapologetically dark, brutally violent story of a tragic hero who stands with one foot in humanity’s vilest corruption and the other in the domain of angels.  Suggested for mature readers, (for graphic violence, substance abuse, and sexual situations) 777: The Wrath promises to be a breathtaking look at one of pop cultures most enduring totems: no justice, no peace.

One of the most diverse writers working in comics, David Quinn is one of the few creators to earn accolades everywhere from comics’ alternative edge to the mainstream.  In addition to Faust, Quinn’s wide-ranging credits have included titles such as Purgatori (Chaos!), Razor, Doctor Strange, and Vampirella, among others.

Artist Tim Vigil founded legendary indy imprint Rebel Studios, the home of Faust, Eo, Raw Media Mags, and others.  Vigil’s extreme vision and extreme dedication as an artist has established him as one of comics’ legends after little more than a decade.  His credits include Faust, Eo, Omen, and many others.

Avatar Press was founded in 1996 to publish innovative, quality comics for the mainstream mature readers market.  Avatar publishes other successful creator-owned titles such as Snowman, Widow, and Donna Mia.  The publisher’s flagship company-owned title features the popular character Pandora.

777: The Wrath #1 will be available for order in September 1997 and will ship in November.  Avatar will support the launch of 777: The Wrath with distributor catalog advertising, house ads, and targeted promotional mailings, as well as extensive coverage on its web site at http://www.avatarpress.com.


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