Previews Featured Item of January – CROSSED VOL. 3: PSYCHOPATH Graphic Novel

When Avatar Press recently announced the upcoming CROSSED: BADLANDS comic book series, an ongoing, bi-weekly title that reunites CROSSED creator Garth Ennis with his partner-in-crime, Jacen Burrows, the retailer and fan reaction did not disappoint! We’re pleased as punch to hear so much positive feedback and excitement about the upcoming project!

But with all the BADLANDS hooplah and hollerin’, we want to make sure that our other big news isn’t lost in the shuffle! Avatar Press proudly announces that Diamond Comics, North America’s premiere distributor of comic books, has bestowed the coveted “Featured Item” accolade upon our January Previews catalog listing of the CROSSED VOLUME 3: PSYCHOPATH graphic novel. What an honor!

In PSYCHOPATH, comic legend David Lapham (Stray Bullets, Ferals) and the wickedly talented Raulo Caceres (Captain Swing, Crecy) present a vicious tale from the collapse of civilization, in the aftermath of the worldwide outbreak of insanity. For one small band of survivors, the discovery of a starving, injured man in the desert seems like an unexpected blessing. He knows where they could be safe: the location of a last holdout for America’s scientific community, where military remnants offer protection and the cure to the Crossed plague. But Harold Lorre is not the savior they hope him to be. He’s a calculating, lethal man whose mind was dangerously unhinged even before the world went mad. Surrounded by marauding hordes, their nerves shattered by unending fear, the group falls victim to the manipulations and deadly perversions of a true psychopath.

The CROSSED VOLUME 3: PSYCHOPATH graphic novel is available in three editions:

$19.99 US, Diamond Item Code: JAN120869
ISBN: 978-1-59291-152-3

$27.99 US, Diamond Item Code: JAN120870
ISBN: 978-1-59291-153-0

CROSSED VOLUME 3: PSYCHOPATH Signed Hardcover Edition
$19.99 US, Diamond Item Code: JAN120871
ISBN: 978-1-59291-154-7
Limited to 1,000 copies and signed by David Lapham!

If you’d like to check out an interior preview of CROSSED VOLUME 3, please click on the link below! There, you’ll find a page sampling from the first comic book issue, which is collected in this graphic novel alongside the entire miniseries!

Remember, folks — orders for books in the January Previews catalog are due by January 26th. Retailers, make sure to stock up on the PSYCHOPATH graphic novel, which will be released in time for C-Day (March 14th)! And fans, make sure to visit your local comic shop this month and ask them to reserve a copy for you! If you love creepy horror that pushes beyond all boundaries of sanity, this book was made just for you!

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