New This Week – Crossed: Badlands #2 by Ennis & Burrows

On C-Day (this past March 14th), Avatar Press launched the new, ongoing Crossed: Badlands print series in a simultaneous launch with‘s own Crossed: Wish You Were Here webcomic. If you love Crossed and can’t get enough of its edge-of-the-seat violence and drama, you’ll want to make sure you follow both series! While Wish You Were Here posts online weekly on Thursdays, Badlands runs on a bi-weekly print schedule. As such, today is the release date of our second Badlands issue, and we’d love to share the following preview with you.

Badlands reunites creator Garth Ennis with his original Crossed creative partner Jacen Burrows (the artist extraordinaire whose previous project was the critically acclaimed Neonomicon) for a tale of desperate survivors struggling to evade the roving homicidal hordes among the Scottish Highlands. In this latest chapter, tensions rise between the survivors, and tough choices need to be made. What will they do when a survivor steals from the others? Or when a pregnant girl?s impending labor threatens to slow their escape? Also, issue #2 reveals more from the brooding hero Ian?s past, and what terrors shaped his views on survival in this post-apocalyptic world. It’s a heart-wrenching, personal tale!

Crossed: Badlands #2 comes available in multiple cover variants, giving the fans freedom of choice. This week?s releases are listed below. We’ve also presented thumbnail images of each cover below, which you can click on to see the various artwork.

Crossed: Badlands #2 Regular Edition
$3.99, Cover by Jacen Burrows
Diamond Item Code: JAN120883

Crossed: Badlands #2 Torture Edition
$3.99, Cover by Gianluca Pagliarani
Diamond Item Code: JAN120884

Crossed: Badlands #2 Wraparound Edition
$3.99, Cover by Jacen Burrows
Diamond Item Code: JAN120885

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