Avatar In Comic Shops 10/16/13

New this week from Avatar Press:

Crossed: Badlands #39

Crossed39regPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:? The ultimate ?70s grindhouse showdown is here!? Murdering bikers!? Stoned junkies!? And a whole mess of diabolical Crossed, bring this story to an explosive, violent, and horrifying end.? Three very different people come together to exact vengeance and meet their bloody fates.?? SIMON SPURRIER delivers the concluding issue of the ?American Quitters? arc with a shocking and miserable finale that will leave you emotionally exhausted.? Available with a Regular, Torture, Wraparound, and special Red Crossed Incentive covers by Rafael Ortiz.



Extinction Parade #3

ExtinctionParade03RegPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:? The all-out war of the species roars on as MAX BROOKS ? author of the New York Times Best Selling novels, World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, unleashes his zombies vs. vampires epic.? Vampires have ignored the growing zombie threat for too long, feeling the zombie subdead were beneath them.? Only too late do they realize that the plague has shifted the tide from annoyance to the outright annihilation of the human race.? But the history of vampires has them ill-prepared to mount an offensive.?? Available with Regular, Wraparound, End of a Species and Bloodwashed Retailer Incentive covers by Raulo Caceres. Also, available with a special black Leather cover, limited to just 1000 copies!


Uber Vol 1 Enhanced HC

uber-vol-1-enhanced-hcPRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ?Uber Vol 1 debuts in monstrously huge fashion, with a collection that goes far beyond the story.? This epic tome contains Uber #0-5, the first story arc, for the first 176 pages.? But then we Enhance that with 160 pages of additional material!? From behind-the-scenes interviews, scores of pages of the original pencil art, notes from the writer on development of the story, to an epic cover gallery, this is not to be missed.? But all that extra material is only available right here, this edition of 5000 copies, and the Remarqued edition of 350 copies offered this month,? are the only editions Previews will offer.? Then it’s gone.? This Enhanced HC will not be reprinted.? Uber Vol 1 collection in paperback will be released in 2014, with the full 176 pages of story.? But none of the special back matter offered only here.? This is also a Direct Market Exclusive, the Uber Vol 1 Enhanced Hardcover edition will not be available in book stores or on Amazon!

1945. Germany is in ruins. The war in the west can only be days away from ending. Threats of “wunderwaffen” to be unleashed by the dying Reich have become laughable. There are no miracle weapons here.? It’s over. It has to be over.? It’s not.? There’ve been stories which have mixed enhanced humans and World War II before. There’s never been one like this.? See super beings in a whole new light as Gillen presents an epic original series that not only rewrites history, it redefines the genre!? Limited to 5000 copies.

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