Crossed: Badlands #39 Does Grindhouse Horror Right

Crossed39redcrossedSimon Spurrier is known for creating unique characters in the Crossed universe. ?But his latest arc takes it one step further by introducing us to the biker and the beatnik in what turned out to be possibly the best 70s grindhouse tribute we’ve ever seen. ?In “American Quitters” we meet two unlikely riding companions and follow them on their trip to the end. ?While the characters couldn’t be me different, they end up sharing the road on what played out as a modern horror masterpiece.




Crossed: Badlands #39 is the last issue of the arc and it ends in spectacular bloody Crossed fashion. ?Pick up the issue and you can enjoy a ferocious story that pulls no punches and ends as ugly as it begins. ?Crossed: Badlands #39 is available in comic shops now.



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