Uber HC Delivers Horror & Extras

uber-vol-1-enhanced-hcKieron Gillen and Caanan White’s brutal re-imagining of World War II in a reality where Germany developed super soldiers as ultimate weapons, has been a runaway smash hit. ?Its stark imagery and bloody escalation to the conflict has mesmerized audiences and caught comic fans in a new kind of war story. ?This week, the much anticipated direct market exclusive Uber Enhanced HC hits comic shops and delivers the violent first chapter of the series and a massive tome of extras. ?The volume measures 336 pages long with 176 pages detailing the complete first chapter of the story and 160 additional pages of design art, interviews, behind the scenes notes, and creative extras. ?This special volume was limited to 5000 copies and is not planned for reprinting – so when they are gone, they’re gone…

uber-vol-1-enhanced-hc-remarquedThere is also a super limited run of 350 Remarqued editions that include the signatures of creators Kieron Gillen and Caanan White along with a unique original sketch from White. ?This ultimate Uber Enhanced Remarqued Edition has a retail price of $99.99.


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