Garth Ennis Talks Rover Red Charlie

RRC1RegIn the October issue of Previews, Garth Ennis’ newest original creation, Rover Red Charlie #1 introduces a band of canine brothers trying to survive at the end of the world. ?Well known for his visceral cutting work like Preacher and Crossed, Ennis applies his masterful talent for dialogue and original creative storytelling to a new kind of tale.

Ennis – “The specific idea for Rover Red Charlie began when I figured out what dogs are saying to each other when they bark. And, really, has the simple notion of loyalty ever been more perfectly personified than in the face of a dog? ?More generally, when I was a little kid there was an old painting in my Grandparents’ farmhouse entitled “Faithful Friends”, depicting three brave-looking dogs apparently ready to face whatever comes their way- it’s hanging on the wall of my office now. They don’t look much like Rover, Red and Charlie (who are at best brave-ish), but I suppose I’ve been waiting 35-40 years to send them on an adventure.”

RRC 1  Pg 05 colored (3)The new series is beautifully illustrated by painter Michael Dipascale whose work has been getting rave reviews on projects like Hero Worship and on the covers of Uber’s line of Propaganda covers. ?When asked about the challenges of creating a comic book where the main characters are canine, he had this to say:

Dipascale: ?”At first there was a lot of photo reference because of the three different breeds that were involved. As I got farther into the stories I was able to use my own dog?s movements and transfer then onto the characters in the series. ?It was very difficult at first to convey their expressions, we didn?t want the dogs to look animated, and we wanted a more lifelike interpretation of them.? William (Christensen) and Garth suggested they look more anthropomorphic. The success of the story hinged on being able to correctly convey the emotions of the dogs so it was important RRC 1  Pg 10 11 colored (3)that I got it right. I gave their faces just a bit more of a cartoon look while still being able to make them look realistic.

Rover Red Charlie #1 ships in December. ?Comic book retailers are placing their orders for the book today. ?Make sure you reserve a copy with your local comic shop to experience the next great Ennis creation right before the holidays.

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